vLevels the playing
field for the grass root populace.

Accessible cutting edge technologies no matter
where you are in the world

vCreates or Expands  enterprises for all vertical markets.

vManagers Global IT assets

vDelivers distant learning through classroom instruction

vOn-Demand Support

vGlobal Remote Control of IT Assets

vProvides IT Notification and Security
Delivering point to point and multi-point
high quality IP Networking converging
Voice, Video & Data. Making way for
Wi-Fi, Wi-Max & VoIP...
and that means
Lower Cost Communications
Virtual Service Desk
Providing On-Demand Global Support
with a click of a button. DataNet's VSD and U.S. Global Marketers
are immediate support responders to every aspect of products & services imaginable.
Virtual Service Network 
ORG. Global Networks